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Cracker Jack – you call these prizes?

Posted: November 29th, 2008 | Author:

A couple days ago, I had this craving. You know the one… sweet caramel covered popcorn with those roasted peanuts mixed throughout. And food that comes with a toy is automatically delicious.

So, I got my bag of Cracker Jack and dug in. It was delicious, that’s for sure. I wanted the prize now, so I reached in, grabbed a thin packet. Now I didn’t expect much, but this started to seem like Cracker Jack was getting all cheap on me. I had to see what was inside.

As I started opening the packet of paper, it seemed to reveal more paper. A thicker card board type of paper. I was still optimistic, only to find a small booklet that opened ad on the inside, lie a small cartoon octopus-like creature. It seemed to be wrapped around a yellow pencil. I was like WTF is this!?

ON the adjacent page, there are some instructions, in case you did not understand what or why you would need this. Or if you some how considered this a “prize.” After several unsuccessful struggles to try to assemble the topper on a pen myself, I did have to resort to the handy instructions that came with it.

The instructions were:
“To use your pencil topper, just detach the prize and insert a pencil through the slits as shown below.”

The prize was called a Pencil Topper! Seriously? This is a piece of paper with slits on it. If you were going to give a name to a piece of paper with slits, you might as well have called it a space shuttle gravity defying pen topper.

This is what the prize has come to now? The temporary tattoos were better than this! It would be better if you just put an extra peanut in the prize wrapper!

Thanks Cracker… Jack. What kind of name is that anyways?

I’m going to have to give them 2 out of 5 talons!
Great taste, but stupid prize!

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